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Background: Rhinosporidiosis is a chronic infective disorder caused by Rhinosporidium seeberi. It usually presents as a soft polypoidal pedunculated or sessile mass. Nose and nasopharynx are the commonest sites, followed by conjunctiva, maxillary sinuses, penis, urethra. Aims: The aim of this study is to present the clinicopathological features of rhinosporidiosis in a large series of cases and to asses the role of cytology in diagnosis. Materials and Methods: 63 cases were included in the study group.
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Specimen collection – microbiology and virology

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Anatomy and histology of the penile and clitoral prepuce in primates

Reactive arthritis causes you to have extremely painful, swollen joints and can make you feel very tired. Reactive arthritis is a type of inflammatory arthritis. Unlike other types of inflammatory arthritis, for many people reactive arthritis lasts a relatively short amount of time - usually around three months to a year. However, some people find it lasts longer and can have random flare-ups years after they first get it. The pain, swelling and extreme tiredness of reactive arthritis come after the initial infection. The infection itself may have been so mild you barely noticed it. It is not yet known exactly why infections trigger reactive arthritis.
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For Boys: Trouble "Down There"

In: Male and Female Circumcision. Since the prepuce is a common feature in the primate external genitalia of both sexes, it is likely that the prepuce has been present and has provided specialised functions for at least the last 65 million years of primate evolution. The prepuce provides a complete or partial covering of the glans clitoridis or penis. For over a hundred years, anatomical research has confirmed that both the penile and clitoral prepuce are richly innervated, specific erogenous tissue with specialised encapsulated corpuscular sensory receptors, such as Meissner's corpuscles, Pacinian corpuscles, genital corpuscles, Krause end bulbs, Ruffini corpuscles, and mucocutaneous corpuscles. These receptors transmit sensations of fine touch, pressure, proprioception, and temperature.
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You see it in movies all the time. Some guy gets hit right in the privates. If you're a boy, you probably already know your penis and scrotum are sensitive. And more important, what do you do if you're having pain or another problem "down there"? You might have grown up calling it something else, but penis say: PEE-niss is the official word for this part of a boy's body.

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