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Thraxxx - Too. Tay - Fuego. Sade - Outro. Saad - Outro.
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Can't Fuck With the South- Trick Daddy f/ JV

Here is the song lyric of Trick Daddy : and you can also sing and watch music video. Tag a man Said u runnin from the hood and I'm packistan Bitch I'm a mutha fuckin jacka man And Understand when the mutha fuckin crack is stayin [Trick Daddy] Yall mutha fuckers better run cuz we got bombs Plus we got guns that take off arms Got 4,4 that shoot the do' and got buck loads of that 84 And like John Doe, hit ya city start killing every nigga who aint feelin' this rhyme And ain't feelin' this vibe To many niggas goose neckin my ride But okay my A. K on the streets Start bussin makin mutha fuckers lay in the streets All cuz of what a nigga say on the beat Look, I'm a G' thats sayin the least From trapin to sprayin the heat to wearin the key Instead of all that attention u were payin to me U should of been mindin ya business and keepin it pimpin But I know most niggas aint built like that Just know old niggas get killed like that U dont wanna fuck around wit Tip like that Look Flip when the body bag zip thats that Niggas wanna talk shit and cock duce Wit this fully automatic Mack 10's start shootin So u can run, hide, and tell lies if u want to But when i fuck around and run up on u what u gone do [Chorus]. All Fuckin' Around lyrics provided for educational purposes only. Toggle navigation MusicDB. Trick Daddy - Fuckin' Around Song lyrics.
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Do anybody wanna die? I'm up early in the mornin still drunk and horny Realest ever did only fuck niggas won't admit it You watchin BET tryna see how a nigga livin You betta ask MDPD about the fuckin killins I rol wit big fire I refuse to speak wit homicide Go and ask that dead man tell me what he said man Fuck you call my lawyers I aint got no leads for ya And I aint got no allaby so all yo witnesses can die Go ahead tap my phone put survellane on home If it evict that quick to buy a brick wit a goddamn wire on Yo I aint got no sack give the crackas they money back. Wit half a weed and these whole DD oh nigga I'm smokin that I smoke em back to back a whole dime or half bag And the whole time sittin back and laughin at yo soft ass Lets set this record straight nigga I run this whole state Now its only one man paid yall niggas is my protege. You aint no representa you rep them otha niggas I roll wit killas and dope deals you roll with hoe niggas I'm stricly for the thugs nigga yes sir You either with us or against us And if so nigga fuck yall That how you hoe niggas get fucked off Thats how yo whole click get jumped on and dumped on like dom dom dom Killa get yo guns out yo we gon do em all Do it one by one til all the fuckin bullets just run out And I bet my butcher knife gon get him right I slice right there in his kidneys and go deep wit it and twist it At the end of the day he comin home and it wont be long He survived the heart attack but then he fucked around and died of a punctured lung Now bury his punk ass wit a wig, bra and his pumps on And lay him on his stomach wit his ass in the air wit a fuckin thong on Breaka break one nine Dade County is mine And I'm sayin this shit to you ol bitch ass niggas for the last time.

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